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Computation and modeling for small space vehicles missions, satellites constellations projects, sky observations. "Out of the box" and at the customer's request.

Astrodynamics is the science (and art a bit) related to compute the motion of celestial bodies, mainly artificial satellites. And we are the «Astrodynamics» team — a team of scientists and developers from the Faculty of Space Research of Lomonosov Moscow State University. We teach, we train future scientists... and we also develop and popularize a software that helps private space companies, universities, and large enterprises to design, calculate, launch, and support their space mission — «out of the box», on simple desktop or laptop. We position this family of programs as MIDE. This is our Missions Integrated Development Environment, an IDE for space engineer. This is our «Russian STK» that helps to design such missions on Astra Linux based computers.
Our demos
to make the Space closer!
Missions Integrated Development Environment is our STK analogue to model systems consisting of space- and terrain-based vehicles equipped with sensors.
Azimuth-Elevation Rotator is our Orbitron analogue to compute communication sessions and to load them to antenna / telescope.
Our services
We work according to science — and we do it beautiful.
  • Space systems modeling and design. You want to launch a satellite/satellite constellation? We will help you to evaluate the characteristics and requirements, to carry out standard calculations, and, finally, to deploy the mission control center.
  • Popular science lectures. You need a course of lectures on celestial mechanics / higher mathematics / space systems? We have specialists to do the best.
  • Astro-ballistic software delivery and support You need to teach a telescope / rotary antenna to monitor a planet or satellite? Need to find out where the satellite/asteroid will be? We have specialized developments tested "in the fields" on several continents.
  • Mathematical software "turnkey" development. We know how to solve non-standard problems in the field of astronomy, logistics, mechanics, computer graphics. We can help where complex formulas, optimal solutions and results are needed.
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