Space Mechanics Center
Here, a team of scientists and programmers from the Faculty of Space Research at Moscow State University is developing MIDE (Missions IDE - Mission Integrated Development Environment), a digital platform that helps private space companies, universities and large enterprises design, calculate, launch and maintain a space mission "out of the box", on a regular computer!
Satellite position forecast, energy calculation, target designation for rotary platforms, shooting from space and much more
Below you can get acquainted with the examples of calculations that our team did
You can download demo versions of our products for review, and then order your own program. Our demos are functional and workable!
Areas of work
For example, forecasts of energy generation by solar panels or forecasts of heat flow
Space surveys planning
Accepting applications for filming, creating a shooting program, coordinating the reception, storage and sending of information
Space mission planning and control
We developed proposals for promising scientific missions of Moscow State University
Modeling the evolution of satellite constellations
For real-time operation
Three levels of design
We work at the following levels: satellite and its onboard systems, satellite and its environment, satellite grouping
Aluminum profile, motors, a few Arduino boards and sensors + our software, worked out on real rotary antennas
Why we?
We do it quickly and with a soul!
  • The best specialists
    Our team is staffed by the best specialists in the space industry
  • Full project support
    Support at all stages of the project, feedback from the customer, we work adaptively and quickly!
  • A wide range of specialized tasks
    We solve diverse tasks: from agent-based modeling of groups of objects to the creation of educational hardware and software stands
How we work?
You leave a request on our website
Our specialists meet with you to clarify the details of the project
We offer a solution for your project
We conclude a contract
We give out the result and provide support
Examples of calculations
Interactive simulation of navigation constellations(GPS, Glonass, Beidou)
``Zorky'' spacecraft of the Sputnix private space company
Simulation of Earth survey from space
Calculation for the Chandrayaan-3 mission
Calculation for the Aditya-L1 mission
Demo of our products
You can check out the demo versions of our products. Our demos are functional and workable!
Missions Integrated Development Environment is our analogue of the STK package, which provides the ability to simulate systems consisting of ground and space objects equipped with sensors
The Azimuth Elevation ROTator is our analogue of the Orbitron package, which provides the ability to calculate observation sessions of space objects and upload them to an antenna/telescope
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